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    Re: API in one file

    Yeah that is a terrible idea.
    You throw all the rules out the window for cohesion, modularity and good code design.
  2. Re: Really Quick n00b question, should take three seconds to answer

    It is bad coding because n is initialized with 5, then n is incremented to 6 and then n is equal to 6.
    When n is incremented to 6 it is the same thing as saying n = n + 1; n++ is called a short hand...
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    Re: How can I become great java ?

    lol @ the name.
    That is a good inspiring read.
    From my understanding of these how to do something in a few days/hours - You can only learn basics.
    Learn the basics, the standards, and code over...
  4. Re: problem with closing connection to client socket

    On your server side class when the clients socket is created/connected you can call setSOTimeout(timeout in milliseconds) on the clients socket.
    When you call the read method on that socket's...
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