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  1. Reading input into an ArrayList

    Hey guys I need help reading input into an ArrayList which I will use to construct my polynomials
    any ideas on how to do this ??
    My code is below

    package poly;

  2. Urgent Polynomial Assignment !!!!!!!!!

    Hey Guys

    I need to create a mini program which adds and subtracts polynomials using only an ArrayList structure !!
    I am really struggling to think of how to start to design this program
    I know...
  3. Replies

    Linked list confusion :/ !!!

    Hey guys

    I am having a couple of problems understanding linked lists and the ListIterator

    LinkedList<String> list=new LinkedList<String>();
  4. Re: Substitution principle ( is a vs is like a relationship )

    Hey sorry for the late reply I think I get it now thanks :)
  5. Substitution principle ( is a vs is like a relationship )

    Hey guys
    I still pretty new to Java and how it works.
    I am think I am getting the hang of how Inheritance is working
    except this idea of the substitution principle and the is like a relationship...
  6. Re: Urgent Class Project Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi I am really new to java and apologise for the lack of clarity so my I am indeed trying to store the Player objects using an arraylist so I should declare <Player> where there is currently <String>...
  7. Urgent Class Project Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi I am having problems creating code for a particular part of my class project.

    In a java program all player information is to be stored in class called club. The club class must contain methods...
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