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    Re: Java Not Removing Panels?

    no, never heard about revalidate till now. lol. Did you want me to post the whole code from when the program starts and adds the "Intro" class with the Intro class? I'll do some research about...
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    Java Not Removing Panels?

    What I want to do is when a user logs in, it changes the panel inside the current JFrame from the one used to login to the welcome screen which then the user can select features to use to or start...
  3. Re: Program Runs in Eclipse but Not When Exported

    I actually solved the problem, Eclipse wasn't packaging the jar with the created jar when I exported the program. All is good now! thanks!
  4. [SOLVED] Re: if statement incorrectly comparing strings

    just realized I was using "==" instead of (dbpass.equals(pass))...

    DOH! :P
  5. [SOLVED] if statement incorrectly comparing strings

    I have a bit of code that is just a simple login screen. I have a Swing GUI showing text field and a password field with some other labels and such.

    The end user enters a user and pass and once...
  6. Program Runs in Eclipse but Not When Exported

    I created a program in Java using Eclipse where a Flow Layout containing a text field and an event handler that when a user types in a username and presses enter, the program connects to a mySQL DB...
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