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    Re: Copy a file in java

    Well, I don't even know where to start, all the examples I've seen gone like this

    private static void copyFileUsingFileStreams(File source, File dest)
    throws IOException {
  2. Thread: Java Printing

    by konev13

    Re: Java Printing

    I just had this issue also, make a PrinterJob object and call the print() method. You then have to have your own print method, public int print(Graphics g, PageFormat pf, int page).
    The page...
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    Copy a file in java

    Hey, I'm trying to copy a exe file from one location to another. It seems simple, but I have failed to find anything about it besides coping the contents in txt files, but that does nothing for...
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    Re: Get the mouse x , y?

    this is a code segment from one of my tower defense games.

    public static double[] bulletVel(SoldierParent soldier, ZombieParent zombie)
    double velX = zombie.getX() - soldier.getX();...
  5. Printing barcodes to fit labels to multiple pages

    Hey, I was wondering why my code only prints the second page of the bar-codes. All the checks that I put in worked as planned in the print method.

    import java.awt.Color;
    import java.awt.Font;...
  6. Re: How to write to a rtf file in a specified font

    Thanks for the help, though now my boss wants me to print directly from the application :rolleyes:
  7. Re: How to write to a rtf file in a specified font

    The class doesn't look like it can print in a different font though, the only thing that shows up when you search the class summary page for font is in the nested classes, not any methods....
  8. Re: How to write to a rtf file in a specified font

    Ya, I've searched for it but all that came up were questions about how to set font to a .txt file.
  9. How to write to a rtf file in a specified font

    I'm trying to write bar codes to a word file using a font. The problem is, what I usually use to write to files is the PrintWriter class, but it does not allow fonts.

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