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  1. Advice on how to pull data in from a USB port that is sampling analog data from a micro-controller

    At the moment i'm using a Arduino Uno micro-controller that is pulling in or "reading" analog data from a sensor circuit. The Arduino IDE has a serial viewer to see data that is being read in through...
  2. Re: Need help editing the size of a JButton!?!?

    I was hoping I wouldn't have to do this but I can't get it to work by doing the set dimensions. I'm posting it all below here. I commented above the line where I was trying to set the dimensions of...
  3. Re: Need help editing the size of a JButton!?!?

    //This is where I am creating my mainPanel1 and mainPanel2 layout and borders.

    Border lineBorder = new LineBorder(Color.BLUE, 2);
    mainPanel1 = new JPanel(new GridLayout(4,1));
  4. Need help editing the size of a JButton!?!?

    My two buttons "Calculate" and "Translate" is taking up the entire portion of their respected panel when added. How can I shrink the size of the button so it looks normal?

  5. Re: Setting background color to translucent?!?!

    I'm trying to create a GUI that looks like my terminal window you see in my attached screenshot. You can see that my terminal window is clear which brings a glassy look to the user. You can see stuff...
  6. Setting background color to translucent?!?!

    I'm trying to make all my panels translucent but cannot seem to make it work. I've made x1 blue and it worked as shown. I've looked up hints in my ide but it doesn't give me enough information.
  7. Re: Trouble getting my frame and panels to show up!?!?

    Nevermind I figured it out. I didn't create a instance of my object resistortests() in main.

    Also I did a set layout to grid which didn't shrink the panels down in the North and South portions of...
  8. Trouble getting my frame and panels to show up!?!?

    I'm trying to add these two panels to my frame. I want my mainPanel1 to be in the top of my frame and mainPanel2 to be in the bottom. Therefore I thought I'm suppose to set layout to border layout...
  9. Help understanding three things JVM , .java, .class?

    I know their exist machine, assembler, higher language "code". My question is understanding what is happening when i'm compiling a .java file and how is it different using an IDE vs. using a text...
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    Reading in floats into JPanel?

    I'm trying to read in two floats but I'm not allowed to assign num1 or num2 to the input dialog box. Therefore, I'm having to assign the string variable msg to my input dialog box and then covert msg...
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    Understanding Call Stacks

    I'm having a hard time understanding call stacks. I'm thinking so far that when a method is being compiled the system stores parameters and variables in an area of memory called the stack.
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    Re: Explicit Casting?

    It tells me there is a loss of precision. So is this the same as rounding???

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    Explicit Casting?


    Reading my text book and it says that implicit casting will work if the result of a casting fits into the target variable. If it doesn't I'm told to use explicit tasking.

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