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  1. Re: Necessity of importing java.awt.event.*

    Yes of course! That makes perfect sense. NO doubt if you creating a application that requires on ly one or two classes out the entire package, it would efficient specifying only those...
  2. Re: Necessity of importing java.awt.event.*

    Ah! Got it. The asterisk and import statement implicitly calls the package referenced, not necessarily the name of the classes that follow the directory structure.

    Thanks very much!936
  3. Necessity of importing java.awt.event.*

    I am just starting to mess around with Java's GUI classes specifically with event handling and ask myself a question when I saw that a class that I was implementing didn't recognize its super...
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    Hello World!

    Hello Java Programming Forums!

    If i may be so bold as to say greeting from this small world of my room.


    Well, I'll keep it short: I'm relatively new to the programming world but...
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