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  1. compare two strings to see if they end with the same sub-string


    I need to write some java code that will compare two strings and if they both end with the same sub-string.


    String NAME
    String TEST

    if (the last 7 characters of the string are...
  2. Help writing if statement for two equal arrays

    I need to write a if statement that checks if two arrays are equal and then performs some task.


    if java.util.Arrays.equals(data1, data2) = true


    { do something }
  3. Re: Problem with image crop and pixel comparison code

    i figured it out. I perform two Linux 'convert' commands on the original PNG image. this somehow corrupts the data. I have modified my code to crop from the image output after the initial 'convert'...
  4. Problem with image crop and pixel comparison code

    I have got some code to read in an image, crop a region from the image and compare with a reference image.
    It seems to compile and work ok until the line
    data1 = (int[]) grab1.getPixels(); at...
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