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  1. How to fix this bug with my calculator program?

    I'm developing a simple calculator program in java, with a gui, to help me learn java better, and i've fixed all the bugs with this program except one. Here is the code:

  2. Exception catching, but i'm getting no output to the console?

    Hello, i've been messing around with basic scripting in java, and now i'm trying to get exceptions down. Here is the code:

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  3. Re: Help with nested loops. So confusing.

    Thank you so much for that really nice explaination, so each time r runs, the second for runs 10 times, or just once? Thats one of the things that confuses me.
  4. Help with nested loops. So confusing.

    So for some reason, the idea of nested for loops COMPLETELY blows my mind. Consider this following code I wrote(I wrote this through experimentation and trial and error, I have no idea how it...
  5. Replies

    Hello everyone.

    I'm a 17 year old computer guru, looking to expand my coding knowledge with the help of this forum. Can't wait to experience the community!
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