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    What Did I Do Wrong With My Code?

    The goal of the project is to:
    Fuel gauge:
    Design a set of classes that work together to simulate a cars fuel gauge and odometer. It has to
    know the cars amount of fuel in gallons
    report the...
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    What Am I Doing Wrong?(Arrays)

    So were suppose to create a program that reads in integers in the range of 0-50, puts them in an array
    and prints out how many times each integer is entered. Sorry I forgot to add that its not...
  3. Re: What Am I Doing Wrong With A Slot Machine Game?

    [QUOTE=Skeim;110441]as far as I understand u want it to calculate the numbers again if the user types "y", so u just have to suround it all with a while loop, not just slot1. slot2 and slot3, then it...
  4. What Am I Doing Wrong With A Slot Machine Game?

    So I am creating a slot machine game were it plays and then picks a random number between 1-10 and then ask the user if he wants to play again if they put in y they play again and if no it stops. So...
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