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  1. Re: Getting information from API Class into main body....

    No problem, would you mind clicking the thanks button under my username? ^^

    And did you get your project working?
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    Re: Nerd Alert- New Member

    It's because all the positions that the people are hiring for state to have...30 different background prerequisites in like every other language besides java. And are asking for java senior...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Formatting answers to 2 decimal places

    That's alot of work so far for working on formatting decimals into 2 spaces.

    What I would do is...

    for a number example: 52.33950258

    double amount = 52.22950158;
    String s =...
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    Re: relative path not working

    Think about how the relative path works. Look up the path/file api and see if you can work out a way to "see" folders/files around your project's directory. That's what I did.
  5. Re: Completely new to Java, don't understand my first Assignment

    Lucky you had a java course to begin with. :\

    Your main file main method is where the file starts. I don't know how you are supposed to display the output, if it's to the console or whether you...
  6. Re: Getting information from API Class into main body....

    class Ticker extends FXRateEvent
    // No key set and no match implemented; this event matches all RateEventInfos
    FXPair changedPair;
    FXRateEventInfo REI;

  7. Re: Weapons Test fails under certain conditions

    public void test(){

    int axedamage = 4;
    int speardamage = 2;
    int sworddamage = 5;

    if((axedamage > speardamage) && (axedamage > sworddamage)){

    System.out.println("Axe Wins with...
  8. Re: On-line Java Tutor Wanted !!! (Will pay depending on outcome of assistances)

    I can teach you.
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