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  1. Re: How would one attempt to create an algorithm for this?

    They are neighbours if they aren't directly above. They can be either above below to the right or to the left..
  2. How would one attempt to create an algorithm for this?

    Say you have a grid with a compound. (size differs)

    Let's just say our compound is HOH.

  3. Why does this recursion work for this problem?

    You are given a rectangular floor that is to be tiled with square tiles. The tiles come in a variety of sizes, but they all measure in some power of two: 1, 2, 4, 8, etc. A 5x6 space can be tiled...
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    how do you find perimiter points?

    If there are many points.

    A point is perimeter such that if drawn an imaginary line in any direction all the other points will be on one side of the line or on the line.

    How can you find out...
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    Re: [Problem]] A coupon day

    The question I have is this.

    How do you solve it? What's the reasoning behind it.
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    [Problem]] A coupon day

    Just came back from my grade 11 comp sci competition. Came 6th and going to finals now. I solved the first 3 but was unable to solve this 4th one. Hardcoded it and got it partially correct but it...
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