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  1. How to Delete selected table data from DB???? HELP

    I'm trying to delete a selected row from a jTable that was queried from a database. I'm getting stuck on how to create an actionlistener that deletes the selected (highlighted) data from the...
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    buttons randomly show up in program

    Hey guys,
    So I've designed a simple converter that has 4 buttons and 5 labels on the main frame which invoke a series of converters. The weird thing is that after I export the classes to a .jar...
  3. Help with closing a JFrame (not the program)

    so i'm trying to create a JButton that closes the JFrame that it is in. here is the button code

    JButton buttonClose = new JButton("Close");
  4. Re: First post, very new to Java, don't kill me...NEED HELP

    Thank you so much for this. methods seem to make things A LOT more organized it makes my train of thought much more clear when designing! I've added a couple things to the code below but and...
  5. First post, very new to Java, don't kill me...NEED HELP

    Hey guys,
    I am very new to programming and very new to this forum. That is why I am asking everyone to go easy on me. I'm basically trying to teach myself Java. I have over 7 years in the...
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