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  1. Re: How can i store time in a variable for comparsion?

    I'm not sure I'm bit confused to be honest.
    I need to do this sort of thing

    if(thread_current_total_sleep_time == thread_previous_total_sleep_time + 2000000)
    update_previous_and _current() ...
  2. How can i store time in a variable for comparsion?

    I'm not sure how to store time in a variable without it having the value of current run time
    I've never done this before. :confused:

    ( don't look to much into the scenario as it's...
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    Re: How can i modify this to work ?

    Oh right OK. when i pass in a string to the method as the method does expect one string parameter

    say i passed in "jump" as in this example as the parameter of the method.
    1. the if statement...
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    How can i modify this to work ?

    Why doesn't this sort of thing work ?

    I created a method that takes one String, and that method will set a new path of an ImageIcon based on the parameter passed in.

    I had planned on using...
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    Re: export result into excel sheets

    I think you must use a combination of the Java Scanner object and the File object.

    This may you can take the values stored in variables and so forth in your application or applet (in temporary...
  6. Re: Inserting a map in Java Desktop Application

    This is my take in this. forgive me if its wrong.

    1. Declare Image Icon objects, initialize them to take a image path parameter
    2.Declare and initialize Image objects to get the image of the...
  7. Re: get a help about multiple constructors


    1. This class constructor has been overloaded to take different parameters .
    2. The methods are called the minute this classes own constructor is called
    3. The created set method takes...
  8. How do I create a most basic java timer ?

    Hello every one i would just like to know how to create the most basic java timer. Ive searched on Google and you tube and i cannot get a good answer or even worse example on how its done if you...
  9. Why doesnt this logical tile loading system not work as I a begginer expect it to and many others for that matter?

    Hello This is for a Java game

    Why does this system only draw portions of tiles, it looks as if it only ever iterates a couple times
    and doesn't iterate to load the entire map even though my txt...
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