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    Re: Issue with Java WebApp


    I think the information that you've provided doesn't help us to analyse your problem, because we do not have any idea what your program is doing wrong. Maybe you can provided us with some kind...
  2. Re: Login / Logout Session | why it isn't working?

    There must be an exception thrown in you program. In your query you select a column named "nama", but you tried to read "username" and "password" from the result set. This throws an SQLException...
  3. Re: Login / Logout Session | why it isn't working?

    From your code I can see that there is no session attribute named "username" was placed in the session scope. So the the session.getAttribute("username") will give you null that's why it doesn't work.
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    Re: I don't know where to start.

    Yes, I agree with copeg. The official Java tutorial website is where you can start to learn the basic of Java and understand the underlying concept. And don't forget to write lots of codes because...
  5. Re: Having trouble reading in a text file with integers..keep getting NumberFormatEx?

    Try using the java.util.Scanner class, it can simplify your program.
  6. Re: glassfish ClassNotFoundException java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ...

    Have you included your DAL classes in your web application archive (war) under the WEB-INF/classes or if it was packed as jar file under the WEB-INF/lib?
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