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  1. BlueJ trouble or program trouble (Combining Arraylists)

    I'm doing is on BlueJ and it won't work. I've waited for 15 min. It compiles and there's no error when I hit main(), but it just keeps loading. Is it my code (does it have a super slow runtime?). If...
  2. Can I change attributedstring into string?

    I have a maze and I want to change color for the path of the maze. I know that you can add color to a String with addAttribute, but then I need to place the String back into the String array in order...
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    Abstract class variable help

    The variable gross is still 0 after I gave it another number. Manager is a subclass of Employee and computePay is abstract. The gross in the toString method is 0. I tried to do gross = (pay/24); in...
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