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    How to find location of ipaddress using Java

    i know the ip address of a hacker then how to find location of hacker using java code ?or any
    suggestions to move forward?
  2. Re: finding ipaddress

    ok.this discussion gives me lot of usefull information .ok now i move forther with this information
    thank u very much
  3. Re: finding ipaddress

    ok. i changed the port its working fine .but if i want to scan total ports(using loop) its taking too much time.
    is there any alternative to scan ports fastly and display the hacker ipaddress....
  4. Re: finding ipaddress

    thank u very much.when i executed the code by changing the port to 5222 it giving the exception but i am not getting
    the ipaddress .i tested this code in lan to find my friends ipaddress.
  5. Re: finding ipaddress

    the above code is scanning the ports.and displaying which port is used and which port is in unused.
    its displaying the output port in use &not in use at the same number.
    [port in use:80
    port not...
  6. Re: finding ipaddress

    here is mycode


    public class PortScannerApp

  7. Re: finding ipaddress

    thank youy very much for the replay.i written a program that looks over the opened ports .but the proble is i am not able to get the incoming ipaddress from the port.
  8. How to find the ipaddress of hackers who enter through open ports to PC?

    hi all,
    how to find the ipaddress of hackers who enter through open ports to pc. is it possible with the help
    of package.please help me. i am new to java.if possible how can i move...
  9. Thread: hello

    by tej


    hi all this is tej new to this forum
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