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  1. Android: How to deal with App being closed in the background?

    So I've come across something with my Android app which I am apparently not handling well (or at all).
    If I open my app, then press the home button (so the app is now running in the background),...
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    Re: swing or javafx or ?

    I'd like to disagree with this statement. I've been blow away by some of the painting and drawing abilities in JavaFX. With that being said, if you are familiar with Swing, there is a bit of a...
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    Re: #ifdef in Java?

    Took a look at this. The wikipedia article (Conditional compilation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) states:
    Due to Java's "write once, run everywhere" nature, worrying about differences in...
  4. Re: Best way to implement Ad-Supported and Paid app versions

    FYI: I followed this up with a tutorial which should work:...
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    [SOLVED] Re: "Java is slow" myth

    It is an old myth that is no longer true. It was true back in 2000, but isn't true anymore. Modern Java runs as fast as any other language. The "slow" myth was largely a criticism of the old pre-2000...
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    Re: can't get my entered values

    What should your addrec() method be doing? It doesn't seem correct.
  7. Android Tutorial: Shared Management of Ad-Free and Ad-Supported App Versions

    I've had to come up with a solution for this, so I figured I would write a tutorial for anyone else who has had this problem.

    You have an Android App which you are ready to put on the...
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    Re: Forum's policy on self promotion?

    Have we ever thought about adding a section to the forum for self-promotion? A sort of "what I'm working on" section or something for people to post projects and others to give feedback?
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    Re: 'new' instantiating command ??

    Consider the three example classes below, which I will use to answer your question:

    public class Value {
    private int value;

    public Value(int val) {
    value = val;

    public int...
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    Re: 'new' instantiating command ??

    On the left side, you are creating a variable, named object_name, with the type class_name. On the right side, you are initializing a new class_name object. This is an important distinction.
  11. Re: Best way to implement Ad-Supported and Paid app versions

    Actually, I came across something interesting: Managing Projects from Eclipse with ADT | Android Developers
    I wonder if this will serve my purpose. Since it sounds like you are having a similar...
  12. Best way to implement Ad-Supported and Paid app versions

    I have an app and I am looking to have two version: a free, ad-supported version, and a paid $0.99 version. The two apps should be identical, with the only exception being one has ads and the other...
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    Re: Java webservice

    Are you the person who writes the clients? If so, the easiest solution would be to attach the IP to the request header.
    Alternatively, the first thing I would suggest doing is temporarily logging...
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    Re: Java webservice

    Does this help? java - Geting the IP Address Of A client For a webservice - Stack Overflow
  15. Re: Continuously get user's input until an empty string is entered

    That's not an empty String, that's a String with a space in it.


    name.trim() will remove any leading or trailing spaces, and "" is an empty String. So this will...
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    Single Instances of Activities

    I have a very specific program flow for my activities. There are two flows, which look like this:
    Flow 1)
    Main Activity - contains button to take you to the New Puzzle activity
    New Puzzle...
  17. [SOLVED] Re: Illegal start of expression? // begginer

    The main is in itself a method, and you cannot have methods inside methods. You just need to reorganize your brackets:

    public static void main (String args[]) {

    Scanner in = new...
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    Re: Drawing and Scrolling

    My current plan for panning is to shift all the graphics and redraw everything. But that seems extremely memory intensive (I could only draw what is visible I suppose). I was hoping to see if there...
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    Re: Drawing and Scrolling

    FYI: so I have figured out the drawing stuff.
    However I am still trying to figure out the scrolling. I think what I'm looking for is panning, not scrolling.
    I have a view and an activity. The...
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    Drawing and Scrolling

    I need to create a view which basically just consists of drawing and the ability for the user to scroll the drawing.
    Does anyone know of any good tutorials which cover this?
  21. Re: Best way to port a Swing Application to Android

    If you have a specific phone you are making the program for (or a specific group of phones), find out what version of Android they run, and build your program with it. If you do that, there should be...
  22. Re: Best way to port a Swing Application to Android

    The emulators are accurate enough. They are slower (normally), but functionally okay. You can configure the emulators to emulate specific devices to test with, so there is a lot to work with there...
  23. Re: Best way to port a Swing Application to Android

    The GUI needs to be created from scratch, but you can port the operational code by refactoring your Swing Application.
    To do this refactoring:
    1. Create a new project (let's call it: "Core")
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    Re: Sending XML to PHP Service via POST

    No. It is still compiled in Java SE 7 and the runtime is still Java SE 7. It shouldn't have any Java 8 stuff.
    I use a DocumentBuilder created by the DocumentBuilderFactor (which I have set to be an...
  25. Re: how to ensure that my method wont return the same random number twice in a row

    Then make i the lowest possible number if it goes out of range. That way you would cover the entire range. If the entire range has been used, you would have to throw an exception or something.
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