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    Re: Trouble starting java web project

    Before you read the below
    I was just thinking is Eclipse EE an entirely different program?
    I think it is. I'll edit this when I know

    yeah. looks like it is.

  2. Understanding layers of system logic. Clarity for what "SDK" & "JDK" mean

    This is what I know/think:
    SDK = software development kit
    What this means to me is that there are set of classes/programs(maybe?) that aren't written in java that interface with other non...
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    Trouble starting java web project

    Attempting to get my first java web app up.
    I'm confused a about selecting to start a "Dynamic Web Project".

    I'm incredibly new to this ide and java all together. Is this what it's talking about...
  4. This is how I go about making a website with J2EE right?

    My background. self taught php javascript css html

    My boss wants me to do J2EE and STRUTS2 stuff on the backend.

    this link is the beginngin of this tutorial, right? because i really know...
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    Sharingan Programming Mode GO!

    So I scored a job I don't deserve. (like my past 5 contracts?) anyway, figured I might as well start getting good at this "coding" thing and stop doing a rush hour on every deadline.

    I actually...
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    Re: Hello I'm lil_misfit

    Hey misfit. Should be interesting seeing the progress of someone who has started the same time.
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