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    Re: Accessing array of method

    I mean. I want to pass the entire array into the method. Is it possible? Like : tom[1 to 100] array <--I know it's wrong but it's for illustrate purpose only.
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    Accessing array of method

    I was wondering how do I access whole bunch of array of method.
    tom is an array of object.

    Student[] tom = new Student[10];

    for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++){
    tom[i] = new Student();
  3. Re: Converting String to Int with value validation

    Thx for reply. Ya. This question is a bit of vague. But anyway, chronoz13 provided me some guide. Thank you.
  4. Converting String to Int with value validation

    Hi. I'm new to java. I just wanted to know how do I

    Convert String to Int. Also, I would like the conversion to produce and error if the data type is wrongly assign
    Also, I would like the...
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