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  1. Re: Are the (Official) Java Tutorials the Best?

    I did the "Getting Started" trail, then I skipped to the "Essential Classes" trail because it told me that if I had a background in other programming languages that the second trail, "Learning the...
  2. Re: Are the (Official) Java Tutorials the Best?

    Okay thanks. So it looks like I'll be using the Java "trails" after all :P

    Basically I just need a tutorial to get me to a starting point where I can learn by doing, and mostly learn by myself.
  3. Are the (Official) Java Tutorials the Best?

    Hi guys,

    So I'm completely new to Java but not new to programming. As primarily a web designer, I know all the OOP oriented languages, I've done some work with C++ and some with Python... so...
  4. Thread: Hello

    by mjaredburt

    Re: Hello

    Hello Rhonda!
  5. Thread: Hey!

    by mjaredburt


    Hey everyone,

    I'm doing a computer science course next Fall so I figured I'd get a jump on it!! Downloaded JDK 7 and Netbeans so I guess now I start learning!

    Hopefully this forum will help!
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