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  1. How do you return a array from a method, back into the main method that prints out stuff?

    Id like to know how to return a new array i wrote in a method below the main method. I want to print the array but system.out.print doesn't work for arrays apprently. Do you know what structure i...
  2. Writing a method that returns words without four letters back to main method!

    Hi, so I need help with this program. I have to write a method called censor that gets an array of strings from the user as an argument and then returns an array of strings that contains all of the...
  3. Re: Convert Numbers from -999 to 999 in words!

    i just solved it an hour after i posted my reply by multiplying it by negative one. :))

    thank you!
  4. Re: Convert Numbers from -999 to 999 in words!

    Okay. I have figured it out somewhat. I have got it to print from 0 to 999 by taking your advice. Now i'm just wondering how to make it do the same program but with negative numbers. Below is the...
  5. Convert Numbers from -999 to 999 in words!

    Hi, I need help with my program written in DrJava. I'm very new to Java and need to write a program where the user inputs any number from -999 to 999 and it inputs it in words. For ex -24 entered...
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