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  1. Java Left Recursive Parse tree question

    I am trying to get a better grasp of recursion and was practicing using common problems. On the attached photos right side, the parse tree shows (n-1) + (n-2). Only the (n-1) is outputing the value...
  2. Placing integers in linked list from text file

    Trying to read integers from a text file and place them in a linked list in order. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Program is compiling and running fine, just not the way I am intending when I am...
  3. Re: Stack - For loop not returning proper result

    Self-learning. I started off trying to learn what a stack is and diverged on my own path from the core lessons taught. Not focusing on terminology or what it is technically called at this...
  4. Stack - For loop not returning proper result

    Below is a method that is suppose to insert a value inside a stack based on the index. I thought it would be easier to copy the value, if any, that was in the index into the variable holder and...
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    Beginner Question length method

    Given a string, return a version where all the "x" have been removed. Except an "x" at the very start or end should not be removed.

    public String stringX(String str) {
    String a = "";
    for (int...
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    Re: Beginner Java Method

    If it possible to not use the length method? I figured I could get it working with the substring method, but I am having problems.
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    Beginner Java Method

    Beginner warm up problem that I can't figure out why isn't working. Thanks for any assistance in advance. (Note: Trying to use substring method not charAt() method.)

  8. [SOLVED] Insertion points in Array using Binary Search using Comparable

    Can't figure out what's wrong. Operator is undefined for argument type. Error is located at the end of the binarysearch method array[position] < key

    import java.util.Arrays;

    public class...
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