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  1. Re: how do i stop the loop? it keeps repeating.

    First off, notice this

    int totalScores = 0;

    and this
  2. Re: Is the IT field a dead end career for U.S. born entry level people?

    More troubling than the preparing thing is also the outsourcing/insourcing thing, at least in the U.S.

    It seems that a lot of major IT firms like Accenture are either bringing in foreigners with...
  3. Is the IT field a dead end career for U.S. born entry level people?

    I have been thinking this for a long time as the time has gone by with my Bachelors and two Associates and no being hired. Most stuff, even the "entry-level" stuff, seems to require experience with...
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    Re: default constructor problem

    setSizeAsChar() seems to always be returning false.
  5. How to alter the from line in a java email program

    I'm trying to use Java mail and I'm new to it. However, I found a workable example. Problem is, when I alter the from line, it still goes out saying it's from my gmail username. I was trying to...
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    Re: Need help asap! program crashes

    Hmmmmm, this seems like Android code. Also, it would help if you put your code in Your code

    Could you post the exception (I'm assuming that's what you are getting.)? Also, I cannot find an...
  7. Re: creat backspace button in my keyboard ((GUI))

    Hint, I'd look for the caret position. There is a method in the JTextComponent class that returns it as an int. There is a method in the String class that will return the substring of a string...

    Should be easy enough.

    Applets don't have a main method though.

    They do have a run method though.
  9. Is Java on the Decline and ASP on the rise?

    I used to notice a lot of jobs for java but lately, it seems that everyone wants ASP.Net and C#.

    Is this a new trend or am I just jumping to conclusions?

    (Note: I don't have experience...
  10. How to make sure only one particular type of instance is open at a time.

    This isn't asking to make a Singleton, where I want only one type of a type of window period.

    It's not where I want only one instance of the program itself open at a time. It's more along the...
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    Re: LWJGL problem

    Yes, I was going to say that. I recognized it as OpenGL. However, Java does have an OpenGL library though.

    I found this tutorial that shows how to create a cube in java OpenGL. ...
  12. Re: Trying to figure out how to print multiple things on same page

    Ok, I can see this wasn't as easy as I had thought at first though apparently not as extremely difficult as I later thought.

    I'm confused with all of this validating and other things you are...
  13. Re: Trying to figure out how to print multiple things on same page

    What will I have to modify on the above if they don't (which is a possibility, especially as the program will allow the user to add stuff to the table, including rows)?

    What will I do with this...
  14. Re: Trying to figure out how to print multiple things on same page

    So, I don't have to nest JTables to do it? (That was another idea I had come up with while waiting for a reply. That one appears to work, though I'll try your advice too.)

    --- Update ---

  15. Re: Trying to figure out how to print multiple things on same page

    Ok, still haven't found out what to do. The idea that java doesn't have some way to get it to print two JTables or more than one component on the same page, even if there is room, seems a very big...
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    Re: sales tax increase at 6% not working

    It's your - operator.

    You need to add some more ( )

    System.out.println("Difference: $" +((int)(Income2 *(currentIncome * taxRate)) - (Income *(currentIncome * taxRate)) / 100.0));

    I'm not...
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    Re: While loop help

    if(romanNumeral != "Q || q"); {

    I wouldn't put a ; after your if statement. It will do cause it to execute the ; if you go into the if.

    System.out.print(">> " + (String)one);

    As one is...
  18. Re: Problem displaying random value of integers and then finding missing integer from values in array.

    I can see a possible problem right off. Your for loop does not hit index 0. However, I believe that nextInt() goes from 0 (inclusive) to n (exclusive). However, index 0 is never set (but luckily...
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    Re: While loop help

    I think it would be better to use equals, as I think == compares whether the object references are the same.

    Anyway, it would be

    while ((! romanNumeral.equals("Q") && (!...
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    Re: While loop help

    Try using equals() instead of ==.

    Java String.equals versus == - Stack Overflow

    Also, your code is, even if == would work as you intended, is looking for the String "Q||q" which I doubt the...
  21. Re: help understanding Java method overloading based on return type

    I think I figured out what it meant by java doesn't support return type method overloading. It won't allow this:

    public static double sum(int n1, int n2)
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    [SOLVED] Re: cannot be resolved to a variable.

    Put quotes around it. "c".
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    Re: MouseMotionListener

    You do not add the MouseMotionListener anonymous class inside of an inner class in this case. The anonymous class is your mouse motion listener.
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    Re: MouseMotionListener

    Either have it as an anonymous class or have it as an inner class that is outside the constructor.

    Here's how you'd do it for an anonymous class (how this isn't spoonfeeding, Norm)

  25. Re: Need help with substrings and reading in files

    The charAt() method from String class is really helpful. Also, there is a toUpperCase() in String class too.
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