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    Re: Problem with Populating a List

    The method is meant to add the details from a list to a 'List box'. I guess the contstuctor adds the details to the display as well. The only progam I use to run it is NetBean so the provided...
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    Problem with Populating a List

    Hello. I am required to create a list of names in a form as part of a GUI. All the codes for creating the GUI have been done, the code for creating the form, scroll pane and a predefined list...
  3. Linking objects, exception throwing and using boolean - how?

    I have been asked to a method recordTreatment(aPatient, aDrug) with the following specification:
    (i) aPatient is not liked to ant Treatment object which is linked to aDrug; otherwise an exception is...
  4. Problem with method - not sure if it's correct

    I have been asked to create a method hasHad(aDrug). The method specification is: If the receiver is linked to aTreatment object that is linked to aDrug then returns true; otherwise returns false. ...
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