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    Re: Can anyone whip up a code for this?

    HA... he is well on his way to management... they know what they want.. just no idea how to do it!
  2. Re: Out of memory work around for a java application (please help!)

    Are you getting the data from the database and loading the ResultSet? If so, you can change how you load the data and batch the resultsets... but if the 3rd party API is creating the resultset......
  3. Re: CashRegister class- adding a method getItemCount

    Well, for me I would look at the process as a transaction. I would have a start() method that sets up everything... store each purchase amount in an array so you can easily get a count and also...
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    Re: loop and a half

    Shouldn't you seed your largest and smallest like this?

    int largest = Integer.MIN_VALUE;
    int smallest = Integer.MAX_VALUE;
    Then after reading the first value you set them both to the input...
  5. Re: HELP!!! Entry Class to represent entries in a telephone directory

    Here you go cleaned up a little

    public class Entry

    private String name;
    private String address;
    private String telno;
  6. Re: Having trouble with an if statement. please help!!

    Here you go - you don't need to IF crap

    public String whatSetting(int aNumber)
    this.setting = aNumber;
    case 1: return "off";
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    Working with MAC .DMG files

    Okay, I got a unique Java task to complete. I am trying to problematically in Java take a mac OS .dmg file (a mountable disk image) and do the following:
    1. Mount it
    2. copy the contents out
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