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  1. How does an Operating System Work-VIDEO TUTORIAL

    Want to know what goes inside the hood?
    Check out this video tutorial to get better view of how a system software supports application software by acting as platform/interface
    Operating System...
  2. What is Abstraction?The Confusing Concept Simplified

    The concept of abstraction in java and other OOP Languages is a little bit confusing for beginners.Abstraction involves binding the data and code within containers and thus hiding the internal...
  3. Java Program to Check whether a Expression is Valid using Stack

    The Program given below can be used to check whether a given mathematical expression is valid or invalid.The Validation procedure is based on the presence of complementary opening and closing braces....
  4. Re: Basic Java Sorting Algorithm (Selection/Insertion) help

    As you have mentioned that you need basic sorting technique,you could use Bubble Sort.Check out
  5. Source Code to Implement Circular Queue in Java

    A circular Queue can be Implemented by using the following core code

    System.out.println("Enter the element to be added:");
  6. Replies

    Implementation Stack Using Array

    Stack is a Linear Data Structure.Stack can be Implemented easily by using an array in Java .Every Stack has two Main Operations/Methods

    a)Push-Used to Insert an Element to the Stack

    b)Pop- Used...
  7. Re: need help with Doubly-Linked list programing in java

    The Only difference between doubly and singly linked list is that Doubly linked list requires two pointers ie:Next and Previous.You need to Modify the Node Class to Include Previous Pointer and also...
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