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    Java and Bluetooth

    So I've been looking around the internet to see if I could come up with a bluetooth solution in java, and I was surprised that I came up with next to nothing. I understand that java is largely used...
  2. Re: Is the IT field a dead end career for U.S. born entry level people?

    Yeah, I've found that the college system in the US is doing a terrible job of preparing future developers. The number of Computer Science and Computer Engineering students who graduate with little to...
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    Re: desktop streaming problem

    Please wrap your code in code tags so it can be read correctly.
    Without attempting to read your code (I will after they are in tags), the memory exception suggests you are not releasing resources....
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    Re: how to launch this class?

    The default constructor is a constructor with no arguments. Do you have one of those, or do you only have constructors with arguments?
  5. Re: Has JAVA changed alot in the last 12 years?

    It has changed a lot. To the extent and the specifics, I cannot say because it hard to find an exact list. The introduction of Generics in 2004 was pretty significant for shaping how Java looks these...
  6. Re: Best Way of Doing This Complex Multithreading Situation

    The Master-Thread will probably need to be awake for about 30 minute intervals, at which point it will be used extremely heavily, but the downtime between the intervals can probably be anyway between...
  7. Best Way of Doing This Complex Multithreading Situation

    I am creating an application with Java ME Embedded 8.1, which will run on the quad-core Raspberry Pi 2 Model B. The Pi system communicates with several external devices via bluetooth, and needs to be...
  8. Re: A more acceptable way of writing to files

    String folderPath = targetFolder.getText();
    if (new File(folderPath).exists() == false) {
    new File(folderPath).mkdirs();

    If you are interested in nitpicking, this...
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    Re: Java Test Failing

    3. Have you unit tested the findOne() method to make sure that it works as expected, however?

    As for the stackoverflow link, how is that much different than what you have now? The suggested answer...
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    Re: Java Test Failing

    Okay, so running down the list of checkmarks we need to make. As a summation of where we are at right now, just answer yes or no for the following:
    1. You are able to confirm that the query was not...
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    Re: Java Test Failing

    Are you able to somehow look at the value in the repository after the update? I'm trying to rule out any issues with the Material object.
    Also, instead of throwing an exception from your test...
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    Re: Java Test Failing

    Are you sure you are setting correctly in the query? I don't know the syntax off the top of my head, but it seems odd that the '=' character would be used for BOTH assignment and comparison.
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    Re: Java Test Failing

    Okay, so what I'm seeing is that in the actual test method, the material variable isn't being updated with the new count value. You are updating the material perhaps in the database or wherever with...
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    Re: Programming structure question

    Personally, I would do the following:
    1. Create a new DTO (Data Transfer Object, meaning just a normal java class with a constructor and variable which simply hold data) called: "SizeObject"
    2. In...
  15. Re: Is it possible to convert a Java program to an Android app?

    My suggestion would be to do the following:
    1. Divide your desktop user interface from your project. Create a new project and move all of your user-interface-independent (business logic) code into...
  16. Re: how to make text label change, depending on text area value?

    Continuing on what Norm said, check the case (the .equals method is case sensitive, so a false result will happen if a single character has a different case) and check for extra space characters.
  17. Re: Android Studio, Java, compare EditText[] with a String[]

    Can you create an equivalent String using methods from the EditText class?
  18. Re: Compilation : compile with new JVM version and run on older version.

    Are you using any build tools?

    I think with Apache Maven you could do something like:
    Put all of your Hazealcast functionality in a separate project, and add that separate project as a...
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    Re: if statement on set method

    You should wrap all of your steps in your if statements with curly brackets. Otherwise, only the first step is actually part of your if statement body.

    For example, this code:

    if (getSalary() <...
  20. Algorithm for calculating lines for paragraph

    I have a weird question. Okay, so given a font size of 12pt, a font type of Arial, 1 inch indentations on left and right for a normal word document page, and a paragraph of text, I need to be able to...
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    Robot Canceling with Keystroke

    I'm playing around with the Robot class, and I came across something I am unsure of.
    Let's say I have a Robot running in an infinite loop doing repetitive tasks in MS Excel. At some point, I will...
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    Java ME Embedded 8.1

    So I was planning on playing around with Java Embedded Micro Edition 8.1 on a simple microcontroller device and I had some questions that I wanted to see if anyone could answer for me. I am trying to...
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    Looking For A Creative Solution

    I'm looking for a creative solution to a problem. I am trying to design a cache which contains a path as the key and an object (DTO) as the value.
    The path can be formatted 2 ways:
  24. Re: ClassCastException being thrown?

    It's not the problem, but you should type the ArrayList in your formatData declaration to prevent other types of casting ambiguities:
    private static ArrayList<Integer> formatData(String dataInput)
  25. Re: ClassCastException being thrown?

    Just to verify, the problem isn't in the formatData() method, correct?
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