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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Which is better Vector or ArrayList ?

    From my point, they are very similar in funtion but Vectors are a little bit better. First, Vectors are synchronized. Any method that touches the Vector's contents is thread safe. ArrayList is...
  2. How does Java process data without Database

    Java programmers are always working with questions. Similarly some days earlier, I came up with an issue about Data process (here refers to Data query, Select result set from data source after...
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    java computation issue

    Question background:

    One Bank Information System needs to figure out mobile average(MA)( On the chart, the mobile average is a trend line which smoothes the recurrences of the days and provides...
  4. Re: how connection java app to access database that in server

    If this is a java application, creating server is not required, what you need to do is to connect ODBC with JDBC to visit MDB file. Code is attached for you.

    String dbDriver =...
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    Re: Just started messing with databases

    Database is always a headache for me and I am not into it since the beginning because the complicated logic and so much data for computing. Then I started seeking a easy way to do the complex data...
  6. How does Java handle the data in Excel sheet?

    In my java project, the data source is from dynamic excel sheet and the data is being updated by now and then. One excel sheet is Customer Information, the other is Purchase Order. Based on the...
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