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  1. Re: [Java AWT (No Swing)] - Problem with hiding user-drawn graphics

    I'm not sure on how I could slim down my program to just show the problem.

    Here is a link to download the program folder (this way the images used in the game are also included) if that helps...
  2. [Java AWT (No Swing)] - Problem with hiding user-drawn graphics

    Hello everyone,

    I'm creating a game called Mouse Trap and I'm having an issue with a graphic drawn using AWT. Basically, when the mouse collides with the cheese, I want the cheese to disappear, or...
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    Single Server Queue Problem

    *Requested to be deleted.
  4. Am I declaring these variables CORRECTLY?

  5. Problem with subtracting a negative fraction

    For some reason, I'm getting the correct result, but my negative sign is having issues. For example, if I do 1/4 - (-2/4), I get (-3/4).

    Here is my minus method for subtracting fractions.

  6. Thread: New Member

    by Chassy13

    New Member

    Hi. I'm new to the forum. I'm a student attending a University who is taking Object-Oriented Programming, using Java for this section.
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