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  1. Re: Maximizing image size without perceived pixelation

    Thank you. The scenario I have in mind is a large high-resolution monitor used for a TV and computer screen. Say it can be viewed from 2' to 12'. Pixelation at 2' might disappear at 12'. Currently...
  2. Maximizing image size without perceived pixelation

    Is there a way to maximize the size of a JPEG image for display without pixelation?
    As I see it, the beginning of pixelation is when one image pixel maps to more than one rod in your eyeball.
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    Re: How can I make a loop repeat?

    It appears you might want to add to the first question " or 'X' to exit"

    Then preceed the question with

    char firstChar = "";
    while ((firstChar != 'X') && ((firstChar != 'x'))) {

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    Hello from FHT Webmaster (Virg B)

    I have been using Java for a project to assist in preparation and customized delivery of multimedia components of a family history. Family History Techniques (FHT) has a GUI in java interfaced with...
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