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    Re: Java 7 and Internet Explorer 9

    Hello, even I'm facing the same problem.
    Installed java 64 bit on windows 8 64 bit OS.
    1. On my friend advice to test weather java installed or not i gave comman javac in command prompt. But it is...
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    Small project for my own experience...

    Hello, I'm looking for a project that I can do it for my own improvement of knowledge in java and in return I don't expect anything.
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    File open dialog box

    Hi everybody, I'm trying to write a code that provide a dialog box for selecting multiple files and renaming all of them to change their extensions. Can anybody help me how can i do it?

  4. Re: cmd prompt exception "could not find or load main class"

    Thank you again for suggesting me solution. I put that program with .java extension to one folder and compiled now its working fine. A lot of thank for you. :)
  5. Re: cmd prompt exception "could not find or load main class"

    Hello, Thank you for your solution i did as you said but i'm getting this error again. The below Text is copied from command prompt as u said.

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]
    Copyright (c)...
  6. cmd prompt exception "could not find or load main class"

    Hello, I'm getting the exception in cmd prompt while running the java program even after it is compiled successfully. I don't know why it can't find the .class file when .java file was available a...
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    Java program not running in command prompt

    Hi until February every code of java was compiling and running through cmd (Command Prompt) successfully
    But after that i can compile the code but I' am not able to run my any of the code.When i run...
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