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  1. Re: non-static method cannot be referenced from a static context

    Thank you very much. After reading that document I was able to fix my problem and am one step closer to completion. Thanks! :-bd (+ Rep)
  2. non-static method cannot be referenced from a static context

    Hello again Java gurus. I am in the process of making a poker game and am having difficulties with using two methods from my player class which determine which type of hand a player has and what rank...
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    Re: 2 Player Poker Game Troubles

    Thank you for your help. After reading your reply I thought it over a bit and decided to declare a new variable to be given strengths and will compare the new variable in my poker class while using...
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    2 Player Poker Game Troubles

    Howdy! I am new to java and am currently trying to complete a java assignment given to me to create a poker game with two players each given five cards in the form of two arrays of buttons. For the...
  5. Thread: New to Java

    by Kaltonse

    New to Java

    Howdy everyone. I just wanted to let all of you know that I exist and am currently studying Java in high school and later intend to major and minor in computer science.
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