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  1. [SOLVED] Re: Date class conflict?

    Thank you both again. I played around with it some more and added (String arg[]) peramaters to main which got rid of the no such method error. When I actually implemented my Date class the Date...
  2. [SOLVED] NoSuchMethod error while running and deprecation warning messages while comilation of Date program

    We were given the following code and asked to create a class named Date, a boolean method called isBirthday and a method called getZociacSign. All of my code is commented out at the bottom. I've also...
  3. [SOLVED] Re: Trouble with draw/fillRect in nested loop

    Thanks so much for your help Chris. I forgot to reinitalize hLoop...silly me. Do you know why the program won't draw the first time you hit the button? I've seen it happen on other programs I've...
  4. [SOLVED] Trouble with draw and fillRect in pyramid logic using nested loop

    Hello eveyone. I'm working on a project for a class to build a pyramid out of bricks using a user entered height in bricks between 1 and 100. I'm using a nested loop to draw a row of bricks then move...
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    Hello Everyone

    I'm taking an intro to Java class so needless to say, at this stage, I'll be needing more help than contributing to solutions. I've checked out a few posts and this seems to be a very friendly and...
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