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    head help with file reading

    I am making a program where i nead to read from a text file and based on whats in the text file, change how te program runs.

    Heres an example, lets say i have a format like whats below in the text...
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    Re: Logic Error in noughts and crosses game

    what he means is make an array for offensive moves and have each move the computer can do in the offensive moves based on what the player does and do the same for defensive moves the computer can do...
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    Re: Title screen Glitch (Cant Bust ERROR)

    im not going to give you the code but im just going to tell you how i did it for my project

    first you want to get the game screens width and height preferebly in a mouse listener class so that you...
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    Re: Ways to do it

    sounds like just like the way my school keeps an eye on us because while I was looking for a way past the security to get the admin pass so i can get on youtube,I found a badly hidden text file that...
  5. Re: my code isn't working an i can't figure out why

    what i mean is that when you start the program when you hover the mouse over replays it works but when yuo hover the mouse over start game option it doesn't change to red

    i did a test and...
  6. my code isn't working an i can't figure out why

    i am a self learner becuase my high school doesn't have any programming class and i wanted to learn so i am working on my first self made game application and have a problem with the main menu for it...
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