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    Re: Need help with Regex

    Thanks. I figured out how to use Pattern and Matcher. It's a lot more involved than in PHP
    I find that extracting matches based on regex is the easiest in php, slightly more code required in...
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    Need help with Regex

    Does anyone know how to use regex to capture patterns?

    I am coming from many years of php background, in php its pretty much straight forward preg_match($pattern, $subject, $matches);
    and then...
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    How and where do you save user settings?

    OK, sooner or later everyone needs to save some user input data, like username/password for some server.
    What are the techniques for saving the data?

    Let's say I want to write a program similar...
  4. Re: How to get unix timestamp from formatted date?

    Yes, GMT offset
  5. Re: How to get unix timestamp from formatted date?

    Sure, we can forget about Wed and I am not sure about +0000, it's probably GMC offset, we should not forget about GMC offset.
  6. How to get unix timestamp from formatted date?

    I am using Twitter API and it returns the date in this format:
    Wed Jul 08 10:38:06 +0000 2009

    I need to store the date as unix timestamp. How can I convert this formatted date to a unix...
  7. Re: Looking for Collection class to do first if first out

    Thanks. Another question then: which Collection class should I use for storing items if I want to preserve the order of items?
    You mentioned LinkedList, is it better than ArrayList? What about...
  8. Looking for Collection class to do first if first out

    I am a beginner to Java, so this is probably a very simple question:

    Is there an object that does this: I can set a size limit during instantiation, then as I add new items to it, if the size...
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    Re: How to write server?

    I am talking about writing my own server using sockets. I don't need the overhead of the http server.
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    How to write server?

    Hello! I am starting to write a simple server. The purpose of the server is to accept text file, parse the file and return the edited version to the client.

    The examples of the server/client I...
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