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  1. Re: Using BufferedImage to read and write to an image file

    int rgb = (redPixels[row][col] & 0xff) << 16 | (greenPixels[row][col] & 0xff) << 8 | (bluePixels[row][col] & 0xf

    The blue channel is being masked with 0xf. Change this to 0xFF to get both...
  2. Re: Cant use seekbar within android app(navigation) drawer from a fragment?

    Set the attachToRoot parameter of rootView2 to true.

    //View rootView2 = inflater.inflate(R.layout.app_drawer, container, false);

    //Change to this:
    View rootView2 =...
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    Re: Array Problem

    Basically there is a logical problem in the flow of execution. Let me break it down with pseudocode.

    for each element in the array
    if element is less than or equal to the next element
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    Re: Array Problem

    So why does {3, 2} return false while {1, 3, 2} return true? What happens when the loop runs the first time?
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    Re: Array Problem

    What do you get when you try this:

    scoresIncreasing({3, 2})
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    Re: Vibration Analysis on Android

    In my experiences the accelerometer is pretty twitchy. What I mean is the value you get jumps around quiet a bit when you hold it steady in your hand and it's accurate enough to detect and count...
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    Re: Intermediate Question

    Nope. Can't be done. Computer security is a process, not a product and nothing short turning your servers off and burying it in a desert will make it 100% hack proof.
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    Re: CheckBox/Spinner error Error

    The issue is that checkedArea is never instantiated. You will either need to programatically create it or define is by findByView like you did with the spinner.

    checkedArea = (CheckBox) ...
  9. Re: Calculating pixel-offset for location on OpenStreetMap

    Can I pitch a shameless plug for the software I am working on?

    Mappt is a GIS suite for Android tablet that has KML and shapefile support, in app editing of waypoints & polys, background GPS...
  10. Re: Calculating pixel-offset for location on OpenStreetMap

    Short answer is your distancePerPixel isn't the same for latitude as it is for longitude. Long answer ...

    Google uses ESPG 900913 global web Mercator for map projection. The nuts and bolts of...
  11. Re: TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(x) stops simulation

    But dauer (duration?) is 999999999.

    Then you are running a for loop from 0 to 999999999 and it hangs for 1 second each iteration. I am guessing that 31.6888 years to complete the loop isn't the...
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    Re: Java Control Panel

    Unfortunately 'which' isn't as intelligent as 'where' so I can't really say which takes precedence. It's an odd command and seems to behave a little like a search for environment variables but...
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    Re: Java Control Panel

    Running Windows7? Try 'where java' in the command prompt. 'which java' on linux.
  14. Re: NullPointerException in a "for loop"

    In the Lebewesen class you have this private member:

    private ArrayList<Lebewesen> lebewesen;

    and this constructor:

    public Lebewesen(int nPosition, int nAlter, ArrayList<Lebewesen>...
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    Re: Java Control Panel

    What version does report?
  16. [SOLVED] Re: Please Any Fast Help For Small Problem ,, i tired :( Maybe easy for you :)

    You can use HTML in a JTextArea. See How to Use HTML in Swing Components
  17. Re: Why isn't my program showing the image :(?

    Just a quick glance because I'm working ..

    BufferedImage petergriffin = null;
    try {
    petergriffin = File("Users/MW/Downloads/petergriffin.png"));
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    Re: What is best loop sequence?

    It doesn't matter which is more efficient. For something as simple as conditional logic you would need to be executing it thousands of times per seconds *and* have the performance issues *and*...
  19. Re: How much to charge for a customized software application

    Good friends? A case of beer and a reference you can stick in your CV to demonstrate practical experience.

    In my experience there are three ways to earn money coding:

    1. Product or service...
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    Re: Data program advice

    I wouldn't. Regex and html documents don't play well. A proper DOM parser is needed. Better yet JSON, RSS or XML depending on what the source website uses. JSON is becoming very popular for passing...
  21. Re: Pros and Cons of Listeners vs Method invocation through Reflection

    It's not impossible, just a very bad idea. The most glaring problem is that you are substituting a trivial syntax error for run time exceptions. You are deliberately circumventing the compile time...
  22. Re: Commenting your code: RIGHT or WRONG way?

    Personally, I comment on why my code does something, not how it does it. My rationalization is that if the how isn't immediately obvious to another coder then I need to refactor for readability....
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    Re: Help using this Jar File (newbie)

    Thats a more complicated problem. You will need to create a .bat file that:
    accepts a .txt file as an input parameter
    creates an appropriate name for the output
    executes the above command

  24. Re: error - FATAL EXCEPTION: GLThread 87

    I'm not very familiar with libGDX but a VerifyError usually means that you are targeting an API level that isn't supported. What API level? Try bumping it up to 4.2 or something high end and see if...
  25. Re: Overcoming the max-keys-at-a-time limitation of a keyboard.

    You cannot overcome the hardware limitations of your keyboard. I'd suggest looking for a different combination of key strokes that aren't so susceptible to ghosting. There is a neat app on...
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