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  1. Re: Creating a Java Desktop Application in NetBeans

    The photo is unavailable maybe caused by the path you "called" the image? Check your path.
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    Re: Inserting a map in Java Desktop Application

    yes, You got my point, it is not just an image.I am trying to search a well crafted ready-made solution. I believe there must be some way in doing this. Currently I am trying Geotools. Anyone has...
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    Inserting a map in Java Desktop Application

    I am doing a Java Desktop application and I wish to implement a map that can be zoom in and zoom out, and also get coordinate of a location. What I need is just a very small area map.

    I tried to...
  4. Re: How to use google maps in a frame and get string

    Can let me know how you solve your problem?

    Currently I am doing a java desktop application. I wish to have a map that I can mark several point of interests. I only need to load a small part of a...
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