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  1. help with array for creating and inserting reference to object in java

    i'm doing heapSort algorithm. where I have to creat an array of reference to object. I actually creaed array which is empty so println displays null. thats fine. but when I actually add object(each...
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    Re: new memebr to forum

    hi thanks for your reply. but i tried by my self and I solved my problem. I dont really know how to mark my post as SOLVED, otherwise I would have done so. but any way thanks
  3. Can anybody help me in implementing sorted array based data structure.

    Hi..I've been working on this program and now exhausted. I'm asked to input students informationin data structure. first enter number of students then their information(name, id# and gpa). I've...
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    new memebr to forum

    Hi...I'm new member to forum. I'm stuck so badly in java programs and need some help. my assignments are overdue because of personal reason and now I've to make up for assignments. I would really...
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