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  1. Re: Server-Client Chat application using UDP

    Y so -ve.. Be +ve always.
  2. Re: how to write code using servlets, jsp and mysql database

    make a JSP page first.

    In that JSP page put a form tag. In the form tag you have an attribute called "action". in that attribute but the location of you servlet. If you using Google App engine...
  3. Re: Beginners Eclipse Tutorial. How to run your first Eclipse Java Application.

    Here is a shortcut for beginners to use.

    write : main then CTRL+SPACE ----> gives u the full Main statement
    write: sysout then CTRL+SPACE -----> gives you System.out.println(); statement.

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    Re: Simple Calculator

    add a Do-While Statement into your code and then run your code. It will work as you want it to.
  5. Server-Client Chat application using UDP

    That chat app is created using UDP and not TCP.

    You use this as your project for your school or college as it will definitely help you get very good grades.

    Client Code :

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    Poll: Re: Declaring your own exceptions

    dONE norm.

    Thanks for telling. :)
  7. HashMap : Simple Usage and Understanding

    Map is an object that stores key/volume pairs. Given a key, you can find its value. Keys must be unique, but values may be duplicated.

    The HashMap class uses a hash table to implementation of the...
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    Poll: Declaring your own exceptions

    You can create your own exceptions in Java. Keep the following points in mind when writing your own exception classes:

    * All exceptions must be a child of Throwable.
    If you want to write...
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