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  1. How to use JoyStick controllers with Java games?

    I wan't to use a USB controller (primarily X-Box 360 wired) as an optional input method in Java. I want to be able to use the face buttons (A, B, X, and Y), the analog sticks, the triggers and...
  2. Re: How to execute an executable JAR from within Java program?

    Thanks this worked for me:

    ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder("java", "-jar", jarname); File(jarname).getParentFile());


  3. How to execute an executable JAR from within Java program?

    Don't know if this would belong in I/O, sorry if it doesn't.

    I have a game launcher program and I need it to launch my game after patching when I click on a button. I want to be able to execute...
  4. Re: Where should I head if I want to make a career with programing?

    Well I am not saying that you are required to learn any of these but I can tell you that learning C++ is probably important if you want to join a big company. Unity is also becoming very popular and...
  5. Re: Survey For Programmers who use Java - Please help me with our assignment

    1. Java, C++, C#, and Visual Basic
    2. I mostly use Java for game development
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    How to download a file off of the internet?

    I have a jar that I want to use for an automatic updater. I'm hosting it on a site and want download it to download it to an update folder and then have it replace the old file. My updater...
  7. Thread: Hello!

    by Hawke


    Hi, my name is Hawke I'm new to the forum (obviously) and have been programming in java for around 2-3 years now. Java is the first language I ever learned and it is also my favorite. I started...
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