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  1. Have user enter in 2 inputs instead of using -1 to end. Help appreciated!

    Hey guys im writing a program that determines your grade here is the code so far.

    Scanner s = new Scanner(;
    String [ ] name = new String [3];
    int [ ] score = new int [10];...
  2. How to graph the following code. I got the code but not the graph. ty for your time!

    hey guys I understand the programming before the graph but i just cant figure how to graph it like the code all through command lone by the way...

    Thanks for your help!

    import java.util.*;...
  3. Java Program that plots point on a graph..need some help.

    Hey fellas I need some help writing a program that plots two points on a graph in point intercept form in (x,y). I have recently programmed a times table program. i just don't understand how to graph...
  4. Re: variable might not have been appreciated

    Lighten up. Yes i can read the error code. I thought I already declared and initialized points1.

    int points1; //(declared)

    if(tick1 == 'A' || tick1 == 'a'){
    points1 = 50; //(...
  5. variable might not have been appreciated

    hey guys ive been working on the project and i keep gettin an error here is thy code....

    public class Tickets
    public static void main(String[] args)

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