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  1. Thread: Action Listener

    by MaGgy

    Re: Action Listener

    HI kray66 i just take a look u'r code and how its means that ju called directly the method setColor or setSize from the object MyPanel ,u must inicialize a graphics pen graphics2d a=..... ...
  2. Thread: PrintIn( )

    by MaGgy

    Re: PrintIn( )

    The println is a method of System.out Object that is integrated in java.lang package.. It is used like a cout in C++, we use a System.out.print(); when we want result in a single row,otherwise we...
  3. Re: I am trying on how to print values from an array all to show up on a dialog using

    Ok meaby that can help something...

    import javax.swing.*;
    public class StringLengthTableModel{

    public static void main(String[] args){
    double[] dailyTemperatures = new double[7];
  4. Re: Java? Where to start.

    i have started from "Programming Principles in Java" of D.Smith( it's easy to understand and u' will learn much ..good luck;)
  5. Re: Java? Where to start.

    If u want for advanced programming i'll suggest u Eclipse(I use Easy Eclips Exprert Java),and NetBeans more for GUI programming is same like Visual Studio 2009 if u have worked with it (drag and...
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