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  1. Re: How to create a parametrized constructor ,with parameters accepting from a accept() function?

    Make accept() static and you can call it with class name directly.

    Static functions doesn't require object to call them they can be called using the class name only.
    static functions are called...
  2. Re: Java beginner..!! I want to know how exactly work is being done by java programming in the comany..

    practical knowledge and logical thinking matters a lot. AFAIK theory doesn't help you in getting the job
  3. Thread: arraylist

    by Bhawani

    Re: arraylist

    You have defined the newStudent inside the addStudent() and you are accessing the newStudent in showSubject(). This is the root of problem.
    Either pass newStudent to showSubject() or declare...
  4. Thread: Help

    by Bhawani

    Re: Help

    @daryn you can use jscrollpane and add all the components to it then bind the size property of the jscrollpane to the size of the window.
    Now you won't have to resize just scroll (if the componets...
  5. Re: Netbeans-generate number of radio buttons dynamically

    well it can be done like this:
    Create a jscrollpane
    add panel to it
    Set the layout of panel to your desired layout
    connect to database and get the number of rows or tuples.
    call addRadioBtn(your...
  6. Re: Help me understand what the print out sequence is please

    The output will be :
    x c g
    First the static block will print, then the constructor, and finally the go() will print
  7. Re: How to create a parametrized constructor ,with parameters accepting from a accept() function?

    You can have as many constructor you want in your class. There is no restriction on it.
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    Re: how to do this simple java program?

    @avistein You haven't defined a default constructor for the class.
    You have defined the parameterized constructor for your class and when there is a parameterized constructor in the class then you...
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