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  1. Re: Bank Account Program

    you can see the details when you open the ReadRandomFile program, run it and click the button next to scroll thru the records you have created
  2. Re: Bank Account Program

    Yeh, you need to compile the programs in this order first -
    Record, CreateRandomFile, WriteRandomFile, ReadRandomFile
    Than you run WriteRandomFile enter some details , click done
    and run...
  3. Re: Bank Account Program

    Sorry forgot to put [code] [ /code] tags on
  4. Re: Bank Account Program

    Sorry i going to post Read Random File again i've made couple of changes it should compile now

    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
  5. How to delete records from a Random-Access File?

    I am currently studying java and i am having trouble with program to simulate a bank account. I Have most of it working but I cannot figure out how to delete records from a Random-Access File. Any...
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