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    Re: Can't Fix Array Out of Bounds

    Thank you very much, helped alot I figured out that I was incrementing it at the wrong time, had to go back and see which operations run in what order so the solution was getting rid of my "face"...
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    Can't Fix Array Out of Bounds

    Hey guys I made this program that counts the number of times a face value on a die is rolled, based on the user input, but i keep getting a out of bounds exception; HELP :(

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    How to make code more efficient?

    Hey guys, I created a program for my class called CountDiceRollsArray thats purpose is to roll a single die the specified number of times by the user and then display a table that shows the six face...
  4. Re: Can't figure out how to use Math.min() or return multiple names

    For the minimum I've actually tried every combination, the one you see commented out is the one that I was currently at. It won't compare anything right because minimum is set to zero in which case...
  5. Can't figure out how to use Math.min() or return multiple names

    Hey guys I can't seem to figure out how to get the minimum score using Math.min() I can do it if I only enter in two values but not more than than. If I enter three in it just returns the minimum...
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