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  1. Re: TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(x) stops simulation

    Yea I just wanted that the simulation gets to its end. Means that every bacteria is being removed by the penecilin. But that doesnt occur the "error". When I write the
    method simulationStarten()...
  2. Re: TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(x) stops simulation

    I call it with the method simulationStarten()

    public void simulationStarten()
    int dauer=999999999;
    Darstellung d=new Darstellung(lebewesen);
  3. Re: NullPointerException in a "for loop"

    I really forgot that single line of code "lebewesen = nLebwesen;" in the constructor of Lebewesen. Cant believe I forgot that.

    Thanks to all of you. That solved it actually!!

    --- Update ---
  4. TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(x) stops simulation

    Hey guys! I get a NullPointerException Error and really dont know what to do anymore ... Ive tried anything I know and nothing helped so I hope someone here can help me!

    I simulate bacteria and...
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