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  1. Re: Did you ever find yourself unable to solve what should be a simple programming problem?

    I think this is normal, maybe a mental fatigue and therefore have a significant impact on the activity concentration. I've heard that productivity falls after a long non-stop work period of time, and...
  2. Re: how to display a bar chart using loops

    Thanks Ubiquitous,
    I tried to help dwheeler and I am learning at the same time, I have used the arrays as you suggested, and it made the code lighter, (with only 2 "for" loops in the code) and it's...
  3. Re: how to display a bar chart using loops

    Yes, I think because in the main loop, for storeNum = 1, all the loops for the counters will execute one after the other (count, count1,...,count4) and gives 5 stars, then the program will come back...
  4. Re: how to display a bar chart using loops

    Hi dwheeler,

    It looks like the loops "for" of all the counters (counter1, counter2,...) will execute for every store (store1, store2,....)
    For store1 only counter1 must be used to print the *s,...
  5. Thread: Hello

    by Hazimo13


    Hello everyone,
    I am electronics telecom engineer, working since 9 years, I started learning Java recently from tutorials and books, I have beginner in programming, I hope I can learn some tips and...
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