Guys plz help me...m very new to java
m doing one small project....n m using sql database for it
database has two tables
1 book :- feilds(bid,bname,author,title)
2 supplier :- feilds([id,bid,sname,address,phno)
senario is supplier supplies books for is a primary key of book and foreign key fro supplier and sid is primary key of supplier
I have one form in dat one textbox is provided in which user enters d initials of a supplier name..
for e.g. say user enters S in textbox
on the same form i have jtable...which will retrive all the supplier details from database whose name starts from s
now wt i want is wen user clicks on any 1 of the record and clicks on generate report button the ireport should be generated with column header as selected supplier name and column details as the book details supplied by dat particular supplier..

plz is appreciated..