Hi, Java programming Community, my name is MJ, i am from Switzerland, and i am making a contest of Hacking, to a product that i am developing, Mobile Watch Phone. The main objective is to hack this Mobile Watch made on java 2.0. To understand the possibility of evolution of this product and its possibilities. Looking for at the same time a person who can understand and develop future applications to it. The prize will be the first number Watch Luxius product in a value of 1000 dollars and partnership services deal. Normally much more since it will be the number 1 production numerate. We have already started production, and we are already receiving orders.
If you want to try this challenge, make inscription to receive final instructions. Only persons with Hacking skills will be accepted. Let your e-mail to further contact.

This is a legal Contest in the WAY that its a request made by the Society witch has manufactured and registered this iwatch.

The delay to this contest is 30 June.
The person who win the contest will be invited to come into Switzerland.