Hello hello

So to introduce AK...

Well AK is my gaming forum name (derived from an original name) and its kinda stuck,

I have recently decided I am going to get into Coding. I want to learn Java and then move into Groovy/Grails. I have started of with the Spring Source toolkit and run on a windows system. From what I have seen i really like the look of agile but need to master the fundamentals of java to get anywhere near that level.

when i say novice, I really mean it. be gentle with me guys if you looked up noob in the dictionary there would be a picture of me

If you game (specially on BF3) make sure you let me know. I am always down to game and if I am not learning java or at work im usually on there xD

I look forward to bugging you guys with questions and errors that Eclipse spits at me soon